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Thermal Management Solutions are Key for Building Efficient Electronic Devices

As you might have observed, we are surrounded by numerous electronic equipment that make our life comfortable. One of the devices that have become an important part of our life is a smartphone. This small device has revolutionized our way of living. Since its invention years ago, this device has evolved manifolds. Starting as a large bulky handset to the sleek and slim lightweight handsets it is now, the smartphone has undergone massive technological evolution. While reducing the size of the handset was a major goal, heat dissipation from the device was yet another major concern that had to be tackled by engineers. This is where thermal management solution comes into the picture and becomes an important aspect of creating an efficient smartphone.

Left unmanaged, excess amount of heat can cause massive damage to any electronic device. This happens when the thermal design is poor, resulting in high temperature in parts of the device. The problem becomes a bigger when the device is small and numerous components are made to fit in a small space. Usage conditions also affect device temperature.For example, mobile devices are used throughout the day and can generates huge amounts of heat. The main goal of thermal management solution is to find an effective way to dissipate the heat generated during device operation and maintain low overall temperature throughout the device.

Many times a mobile device fails to function properly because the rate of heat generation exceeds the rate of heat dissipation to the surroundings. Such unsteady situation will give rise to a temperature build up in some components which shortens the life of the components and eventually the device. This can be prevented with an efficient thermal management solution. Such a solution can be designed using a thermal management software byin-house thermal engineer or a thermal management consulting firms, such as Thermal Design Solutions.

Thermal Design Solutions is amongst the leading thermal management consulting firm that provides various companies optimal thermal solutions for electronic devices. We decades of experience in the field, the company has expertise in many areas of thermal management, including active and passive cooling solutions, interface materials, heat storage technologies, insulation solutions, etc. Using smart analytic and testing tools, Thermal Design Solutions can pinpoint the key design areas and the appropriate solutions. To learn more, please contact Thermal Design Solutions by email at

About Thermal Design Solutions:

Thermal Design Solutions is a premier thermal management consulting company that provides optimal solutions using smart thermal analytic tools such as Ansys thermal analysis.

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Thermal Design Solutions

Thermal Design Solutions is a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm specializing in thermal management of electronics. Thermal Design Solutions can help you with your thermal design, from analysis and simulation to testing, development and post launch support. With decades of expertise in the field, their engineers can help you with a wide range of services for your projects.

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