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Top 5 Latest Trends in iPhone App Development!

These are some of the last 5 main trends that Apple is looking to continue with the development of its application that ArStudioz, a leading iPhone application development company, gives many considerations and follows throughout the development of mobile applications for our iPhone:

1. Beacon and GPS technology

Beacon and GPS technology are already quite commercial and have also been used for advanced, targeted sales techniques. Still, these technologies are expected to gain a good boost by the end of 2017. GPS sensors and beacons are integrated into lighting, various appliances, cars, and many different things. Apple's iOS 7 already has an interface that can be used by the owner to regulate and manage different devices in their home. Users can also perform these actions, while in their homes or from a distant location, except for providing numerous amenities for users, this is often an environmentally friendly and energy-saving initiative.

2. Wearable technology

This trend has already started and you are only expected to have an even bigger adult by the end of 2020. There are already some great wearable devices, including Apple Watch Series two and Google Daydream in the coming years, wearable devices may no longer be limited to Industries like healthcare, as they are expected to be used everywhere, to dictate numerous mobile app development trends that will, however, return.

3. Security measures.

As more and more people use iPhone devices to carry out professional and private tasks, including finances, sharing information and managing their homes, the need to improve the security measures of mobile applications is increasing and this is often a challenge that awaits application developers in the future. Although Apple's current devices are secure, iOS 3.0 may need security issues once it takes into account the actual fact that Apple is going to allow public information about its application development efforts until a security standard is made. Worldwide, the security of mobile applications is generally a good concern.

4. AR - Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is constant, thanks to numerous iOS applications and, in most cases, it depends on GPS technology to produce a good variety of services for iPhone users. Augmented reality is used additionally in games and this is often dynamic, however, the vice trade is trying because it allows games to be integrated into all the activities that a user performs, since we tend to see that the GPS and Augmented reality is becoming a very important topic for all mobile application developers. There are expected to be additional 3D video games for iPhone app development devices that will utilize this technology and the only issue here is of course security as well.

5. The Swift implementation

Objective-C has always been the most written language for all iOS applications. However, since Swift has appeared in the world of writing, application developers discovered numerous advanced frameworks and methodologies that enabled them to use Xcode tools that ultimately enabled them to write reliable code. The new Apple-made Swift Two has developer-friendly options and allows them to create clean-running iOS apps, which is why iPhone app developers may often need to start learning Swift because it can only grow in the future. All the applications developed in the future use Swift, which means that this writing language could be a sure trend. These are the latest trends in iPhone application development. All developers who want to commit to these products should follow them if they need to import during this exchange.




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