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Top languages to translate your app into

It is evident that applications have become an essential tool in our daily life and a constantly growing market. With them we can share files, get information about almost any topic and count how many kilometers we have walked and how many calories we have burnt in our training, among many other things.

What would happen if apps weren´t translated? Translating an app is essential if you want to seriously increase the users worldwide. Also, a large part of the population could not take advantage of them and their creators would not get the most out of them. This technological market inevitably grows together with translation, like so many others. Language is no longer a barrier when translation comes into action.

If you translate your app into Chinese or Russian, for example, someone on the other side of the world will thank you. So, it's about getting applications to all corners of this increasingly globalized world. We are in a world which is eager for knowledge and full of resources. For every language an application is translated into, a percentage of the world's population has a new resource in the language they know best.

Of course, translating an app requires time and/or investment. So, for practical purposes, there are always some languages ​​that reach more people than others. In this article we will list the best languages ​​to translate applications, based on the fact that the application from which it is translated is written in English. If the application were in another language, English would become one of the main options.

Best languages

Mandarin Chinese, because of its number of speakers and by the indisputable commercial activity of the country, is one of the first options to consider when translating an application.

Spanish could occupy the second position on the list. It is a language spoken in almost all South America, almost all Central America and the Caribbean and, of course, in Spain.

Hindi, like Chinese, has a high number of speakers due to the large population that lives in India. Thus, taking into account the proportion of the world population that the application translated into this language could reach, Hindi would also be one of the options to consider.

If we add the 366 million natives who speak Hindi and Urdu (Hindustani) with all its varieties, plus 120 million who use it as a second language according to figures from the year 1999 from Ethnologue, there are 484,500,000 Indo-speakers. However, if you start from the census that was made in India in 2001, there are 422 million native speakers of Hindi and its varieties, and 51.5 million Urdu speakers; Finally, if we add the 11 million Pakistanis who speak Urdu according to the 1993 Pakistani census, there are approximately a total of 552 million people who speak Hindi, without adding the figures for Germany, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Guyana, Jamaica , Fiji, Trinidad & Tobago, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Yemen. Unofficial figures indicate that 300 million people are able to understand and speak Hindi as a second language.

Russian would be a different case. In number of inhabitants it would be behind Portuguese, for example. However, Russia's economic activity is growing, as evidenced by the growth of Russian tourists in many countries, like Spain. Russian language is the seventh most widely spoken in the world, it is the official language in seven countries and the most widely spoken language in Europe, hence the importance of this dialect of Proto-Slavic origin that derives from Indo-European.

Russian is one of the six languages that are official in the UN, in addition to being the official language in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria. It has also a strong presence in 10 other countries, such as Israel, Ukraine , Armenia, the Balkans and even in the United States where there are approximately 850,000 people who use it.

Arabic, also due to its high number of speakers, would close our list. It is the official language of most North Africa and the Middle East and is also spoken as a second language in many other countries in Africa and Asia.

As mentioned above, English cannot be missing in the ranking of the most spoken languages ​​for obvious reasons, so it is the first option in the case that we must translate an application from any of the languages ​​on the list that we have prepared.

Thanks to the translation we can enjoy countless applications that make life easier for us. However, there are a type of applications that we should never be seduced by: those that offer us automatic translations. Whenever we need translations, we should hire professional translation services and not rely on automatic translation like Google Translate.



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