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Understanding Vehicle Detection Systems Use

This record traces the specialized prerequisites for the Vehicle Detection Systems (VDS) to accommodate the Managed Freeways framework. The VDS will give continuous street use data, for example, speed, volume and occupancy, to be utilized by the control framework, STREAMS. The VDS are required to give information to the accompanying Managed Freeways benefits as distinguished in the Technology Functional Requirements.

The administrations that basically drive the prerequisites for VDS are the Ramp Signaling administrations however it is significant that the VDS necessities spread the prerequisites of every single pertinent assistance. This archive covers the necessities of the VDS situated on both the mainline carriageway and the interstate entrance ramps that help the activity of Ramp Signaling. This record ought to be perused related to the VicRoads Freeway Ramp Signals Handbook and Main Roads Jurisdictional Supplement, the Technology Functional Requirements report, the Managed Freeways Provision Guidelines and other supporting documentation. Primary Roads has gone into an exchange procedure for the acquisition of an ITS Control System with Transmax. This exchange procedure is the degree of current duties; anyway, for straightforwardness the utilization of STREAMS has been incorporated into the Managed Freeways Technical Requirement reports.

All VDS innovation will be introduced to meet the prerequisites of the client administrations and usefulness of the ITS Control System. The VDS innovation to be utilized will be chosen by Contractor dependent on the prerequisites of this record. The roadside VDS controller is the gadget that totals the information from singular street sensors and interfaces with the control framework and correspondences organize and is ordinarily introduced in a roadside bureau. The VDS sensor is commonly one of various sensors associated with a VDS controller that estimates path explicit information. For certain VDS types the VDS sensors can quantify different paths. For certain VDS types the VDS Controller and VDS sensor are joined. Where this is the situation the consolidated unit should meet with the prerequisites of the two units. The blend of the VDS controller and VDS sensor(s) will give the vital information to the control framework at a specific area. There is an inclination by Main Roads towards non-meddlesome variable message sign innovation, anyway this inclination is auxiliary to execution and cost, and the non-nosy innovation should sufficiently exhibit execution and have equal all out expenses to be chosen.

The VDS will be structured and introduced by the Contractor to give satisfactory information to every single required zone. The information the VDS is required to give depends on the client administrations required on the carriageway. There are varying necessities around VDS for Ramp Signaling, Travel Time Calculation, Incident Detection and Freeway Performance Evaluation.

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