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What Do You Do When Your Insurance Company Is Not Paying Your Property Damage Claim?

Your property damage insurance claim might have been processed by your insurance company the same day that you filed, but that does not mean that you will get the money you need to pay for repairs. Insurance companies are notorious for protecting their interests instead of giving customer service. Because of this, these companies must be challenged when you are not receiving the money you deserve. You have spent years paying into an insurance policy that is supposed to protect you, and you should take all the steps below to ensure that your family receives the compensation it deserves.


What Type Of Claims Are We Talking About?

Mold insurance claims, wind damage insurance claims, storm damage claims, and water damage claims could be denied or underfunded. You do not know what your insurance company will do, but they could disappoint you at literally any time. Because of this, you need to take your claim to an attorney. Complaining to an insurance agent or customer service rep does nothing for you. These people are instructed to get as much money for the insurance company as possible, and they will not have the wherewithal to protect you.

What Does The Lawyer Do?

The lawyer that you choose will look over your case carefully. The lawyer needs to see your insurance policy, and they need to review the laws of the state so that they know what the insurance company is allowed to do. Your lawyer must work within the bounds of the law, but they can find the ways that your insurance company has held back funds from you. There are times when you need to get money back from the insurance company because they did something illegal. There are other times when the insurance company has not abided by the spirit of the law. Taking them to court might force them to settle, and that will help you settle the case quickly.


You can settle your case out of court with the insurance company when you sue them and request a certain amount of money to close the case. Your lawyer will lead the settlement negotiations, and they will let you know how much you can get from the insurance company. The lawyer needs to get you the value of the compensation from the policy, and you could request Money for damages when you got sick, your family was put out of the house, or you lost your job because you did not have a place to live.

So many things could have happened after an insurance disaster, and you should always ask for the amount of money that brings your family back to normal. Your lawyer will speak on your behalf, and your lawyer will let you know what they believe your best options are. When you get a settlement offer from the insurance company, your lawyer will let you know if that is a good deal or not. You can negotiate back and forth, or you can go to court when you believe that the insurance company is not acting in your best interests.

Contact The Lawyer Immediately

If you are going to end up in court or in a settlement hearing, you need to speak to a lawyer today. There are many ways for you to protect your family and your money when you are fighting the insurance company. You can bring the case to the attention of the insurance company, and you can sue for all damages that occurred when you were out of the house, when your family got sick, or even when you lost your job as a result of their negligence.



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