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What Does An OHS Consultant Do?

To keep the operations of an organization secure, OHS consultant plays a significant role. Without him, it is not possible to execute all operations of a worksite seamless and safe. Thus, to turn your worksite functioning flawless and risk-free, make sure to hire an OHS consultant.

Who is an OHS consultant?

The OHS consultant is a professional in consulting services in term of Occupational Safety and Health issues to management and employees. All this crucial to make the organizational working seamless without any interruption and injury.

What is the role of an OHS consultant?

  • Since an OHS consultant has been liable to perform many duties, imperative role is discussed below:
  • Careful management of hazard and incident happened in a worksite in conjunction with Safety and Health Representatives.
  • Update and maintain information and guidance regarding safety and health and risk management circumstances.
  • Develops, deploy and reviews policies and processes to make sure the organization are gratifying all the statutory needs needed accordingly OSH (Occupational Safety and Health).
  • Arrange regular training and awareness-raising programs in favor of all employees to keep the work area safe and healthy.
  • Liable for coordination and induction of training to all members.
  • Ensure specialist guidance and advice on safety and health and risk management
  • Coordinate to the employees or workers compensation claims to decline the human and operational impact.
  • Update and maintain advice on OHS policy, legislation.
  • Send complete information regarding OHS policy to workers via email or SMS.
  • Update and maintain emergency response procedures and also develop an emergency process.
  • Thoroughly inspect the working work to make sure that first-aid supplies, fire prevention equipment, and other safety equipment are at its place or not.
  • Collect all samples related to hazardous material and also arrange it for testing.
  • Maintain medical monitoring programs for employees.
  • Conduct safety, appropriate safety training to keep the employees fit and fine.
  • Take care of gases, vapors, dust, and other substances related to the worksite.
  • Make sure to have proper ventilation, especially in case of those sites where dangerous material is used to manufacture.
  • Conduct regular audit, especially at the hazardous site to keep its employees safe and secure.
  • In short, hiring an OHS Consultant in your worksite is mandatory to keep its working safe and durable. Without an OHS expert, the company is lacking with safety measures for their workers.

Where to hire an OHS consultant?

Since finding the best OHS Consultant Melbourne is somehow frantic task. Main and Association in Melbourne, Australia, is the best destination to avail OS&H expert services. This professional hub has hired qualified, skilful, and veteran OHS consultants who work hard at very affordable prices. Thus, to book an OH&S expert in Australia, be sure to book your services at


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