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What is a technical translation?

By definition, a technical translation is a variation of a specialized translation. It is the translation of technical writings (owner's manuals, user guides, etc.) or specifically, texts that contain a high amount of terminology, such as words or phrases that are used within a specific profession, or that describe a profession with many details

Technical translations cover the translation of many kinds of specialized texts with a high presence of terminology characteristic of a specific sector, such as: engineering, automotive, chemistry, electronics, mining, telecommunications, metallurgy or construction.

Technical translations are those that have a particular content in their documentation, since terms, words and specific phrases of a certain sector are used, and they are not common in the daily language that is usually used.

This type of translation requires special execution and must be carried out by professional technical translators, document translators who have extensive experience as translators in general and, above all, who have specialized in translating documents from the industrial sector to which the text refers.

The technical and professional skill of the technical translator provides the greatest fidelity in the use of the most convenient terminology and avoids inaccuracies or errors due to ignorance of the subject. The translator, in addition to having the linguistic ability, must also have a perfect command of the specific terminology of the sector in which he has specialized.

Some examples of technical translations would be manuals, user guides, technical specifications, specifications, patents or other texts that are directed to a specific group of the sector or profession to which they refer.

In all these cases, the technical translations need of the indispensable native domain of the language to which the translation is needed and of a high level of experience and knowledge of the topic of the technical text. After this translation should be reviewed by another translator of the same characteristics or a native engineer specialized in the corresponding technical sector.

Technical translations are those that have a particular content in their documentation, since terms, words and specific and specific phrases of a certain sector are used, which are not usual in the daily language usually used.

Each sector is completely different from the rest: the expressions used, the audience to which they are directed, the different fields of action of each one or the professional jargon that each industrial sector handles. For these reasons, translating documents and translating technical documents from any other field requires a professional document translator, a technical translator.

A technical translation project should be carried out by a team formed by several technical translators working together with expert engineers / translators in the subject area with which they are working. In this way, terminological homogeneity is achieved in all documents and a quick and correct solution for possible doubts.


+ In a technical translation not a single error is allowed.

+ Technical translations must be precise, accurate and faithful to the original text.

+ The work of the technical translator is a craft work.



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