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What is Lust and How to Overcome it

Overcoming Lust is easy if you look up to Jesus and obey whatever instructions he tells you. Lust (also called sexual desire, sexual interest, or sexual attraction) is the motivational component of human sexuality.

Although people can feel and express a variety of sexual responses within their interpersonal relationships. Lust appears to play an especially important role, in the attraction process and in the early stages of romantic relationships, particularly as people fall in love. Therefore, We presume the experience of lust to be distinct from other sexual responses, including sexual arousal.

Consequences of Lust

  1. Mind Slavery
  2. Evil Character
  3. Future marriage Corruption
  4. Isolation and Emptiness
  5. He rejects the Lord

Mind Slavery

The Christian sex addict calls Jesus ‘Lord’ with his mouth, but then like Peter denies Him and turns to the godess of lust. Sin takes a strong foothold in his heart as he lives trying to have both God’s love and lust’s “comfort”. But, “God is not mocked” and “by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.” Like a crack addict, the sex user is ruled by his compulsions to act out even though he hates what he’s doing.

Evil Character

Instead of being the man of courage and integrity God has made and called him to be, he becomes “Weakheart”, a “man without a chest.” He loses his moral authority and the courage to do what’s right. Instead of being a fighter he becomes a passive weakling who hides from the challenges of life. He makes compromises he would never have dreamed of taking before in financial and other areas.

Future marriage Corruption

Single men become tied up with the dream that once they can have "moral sex" their issues with sex fixation will stop. What they don't comprehend is their unfilled heart can't be filled or recuperated by another messed up individual and finding wedded isn't the solution to their concern. He doesn't understand that what he does now will obliterate his marriage later.

Isolation and Emptiness

The disgrace from his sexual demonstrations and the dread of being uncovered and rejected are incredible sparks that keep the sex someone who is addicted caught in confinement. He deters himself, not understanding he's making a "vacuum of void" inside. This "vacuum of void" is horrendous thus he "fixes it" by carrying on explicitly. Be that as it may, his carrying on just creates more disgrace and vacancy, and an endless loop sets in

He rejects the Lord

Jesus, the One Who adores the sex someone who is addicted, kicked the bucket for him, and is holding on to help him is lamented as the fiend says that "I need pornography rather than You God." Most men don't pay attention to sex dependence since they don't perceive how profoundly they're harming themselves as well as other people and that they're squandering the valuable endowment of their life. Beating Lust ought to be conscious and deliberate on the off chance that you need to live intentional life.

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