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What kind of translation does your company need?

Translation services are increasingly requested by companies, but sometimes they do not know which translation the they need. Everything depends on the phase in which they are. These are the most relevant types of translations:

Financial or economic translation

It is a kind of translation in which economic documentation is involved. As soon as a company wants to expand to other markets, there is a need to translate many documents with numerical content and legal terms into other languages.

These texts can be very varied: annual accounts, cash flow statements, memoirs, insurance policies, delivery notes, invoices, audits, business letters or financing agreements. It is important to bear in mind that an error in the translation of these documents can have serious consequences for the company, for example, economic losses.

Legal translation

It deals with the translation of documents with mainly legal content. It requires a great linguistic precision and a high knowledge of legal-legal issues and terminology. Therefore, the translator must not only know the language of origin and destination, but he or she must also master the legal characteristics of the destination country.

Some documents that require legal translation are constitution statutes or contracts (purchase, franchise, lease, confidentiality, etc.).

Creative translation

Creative translation is a process in which content is transmitted from one language to another, trying to capture the same concept in the translation and cause the same reaction in the users of the destination country. It is a translation that requires a creative translator who knows perfectly linguistic and cultural aspects of the language of origin and destination.

This type of translation is usually used for advertising or commercial purposes to adapt a content (web, marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing, promotional material or SEO strategy) to a new culture, country or context.

Literary translation

It is about the translation of cultural texts, written in prose or verse (stories, novels, poems or poetry). In these cases, in addition to maintaining the meaning of the content, the translator must work to maintain the style, form and voice of the author of the work.

In the case of poetry, a more laborious work is required on the part of the translator, since he must take into account aspects such as rhyme, rhythm and metrics and preserve, in turn, the meaning of the work.

Technical translation

It is the translation of texts that contain a high specific content on a subject. The purpose of this type of translation is to transmit information in a clear way to help the user to perform a certain task. Therefore, these translation works are carried out for technical manuals or user guides, among others.

Sworn translation

Sworn or public translations are those translations needed for official procedures in public or private organizations such as ministries, consulates and notaries, among others.

This translation can only be done by a translator with the title of Sworn Translator-Interpreter granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This should seal all the pages and include a statement certifying that it is a true translation to the original along with his signature, stamp and date. Once this is done, the document is valid to carry out procedures with public administrations.



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