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What makes all football lovers crazy about esports betting?


If you want to study growth and development of football gambling then study sports betting in Singapore. It makes a case study that gives amazing insights into football betting industry.

The first thing is the size of the industry. It is a huge market with millions of soccer fans pouring into billions of dollars in online sports betting sites in Singapore from across the globe.

The second thing is the process. And here the surprising thing is that the process is 100% transparent. Gamblers have knowledge of each and everything that is anyway related to betting. For example, they know the betting amount and the winning prize.

So, transparency is a big thing especially in gambling where people fear foul play by bookies and betting syndicates. Football odds are provided online and there are odds for every match. Also, there have come up more bookies and syndicates and together these bookmakers give more options.

Competition between bookies and syndicates

It won’t be wrong to say that bookmakers compete with each other to attract gamblers. They think of unique odds like mixed parlay that is a bouquet of different odds. Similarly, they have halftime fulltime bet that includes predicting the right score of both the halves of a match.

Convenience of gambling

Football enthusiasts can bet from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere as they only need a phone and high-speed broadband connectivity for gambling. They can even bet while on the go and while watching a match. They only need accessing the football odds and choose the best bet.

For football betting, you will require a gambling account like CMD368 that will be used for gambling. The wagering money will be debited from that account and the winning will be credited. And it will be quick. You won’t have to wait for a long time to receive your winning prize. Your bookie will instantly credit the amount in your gambling account.


Pocket friendly

Together all the factors including multiple options and competition between the bookies and online functionality have made things simple and affordable for bettors. You can enjoy football gambling without worrying about money as it will be mush less than your ticket to a football match.


Football enthusiasts can plan betting in advance. They can even make a betting calendar to become more excited. When you plan in advance, you start feeling the thrill as the match day nears. And it is possible to plan betting when you have an account like CMD368 and enough options to choose from.

Bets for everyone

There are bets for everyone including newcomers to experienced bettors. If you are new to football gambling, you can start with exact score where you need predicting the exact score of both the teams. And if you want it to be more thrilling, you can go for more challenging bets like mixed parlay.

It is easy to win bets

For betting, you need help and the help is readily available. There are many tipsters to help. You can buy tips for winning bets and there is nothing wrong in betting with the help of predictions. And when it is easier to win bets, you start taking interest in gambling.

Now let’s discuss some questions regarding safety of online football gambling

Q: Is it safe to gamble on football online?

A: Yes, it is, if you are gambling with a reliable online casino. You need to be careful with your selection of a casino.

Q: Are there any precautions that I should take about casino sites?

A: Yes, you can take some precautions regarding security of your data on the site. Online casinos are just like other businesses and like others, they also have to go through annual security auditing. And every reliable casino website gets a security certificate.

Q: Is there any minimum amount for betting?

A: No, there is no minimum amount for opening your gambling account and betting. You can simply check the football odds and bet on the odd that you find the best.

Q: What is the cost of a tip?

A: You need buying tips from your pocket and it will be an added expenditure or investment. But it is only a tip that can save your investment. Buying tips will increase your winning chances to manifold.

Q: Are tips guaranteed?

A: Yes, tips are guaranteed. There are many tippers and most of them give guaranteed tips. But in guarantee, you will only get replacement tips. For example, if a tip fails to materialize, you will get another tip in replacement.

You won’t mind spending a few dollars on betting when you know that gambling can improve the thrill and excitement of football. Also, you can get ready for betting by making a calendar.

esports betting Singapore

Precautions to take with tips

You should bet like a sportsman. Just like there are football players on the ground, there are bettors among the audiences. You should work hard to win bets just like football players perform on the ground. But you should never try to cheat that is believing on match fixing and betting on fixed matches.

You should try betting if you are….

  • A football lover and you never miss even a single match
  • You want to make football more interesting and entertaining
  • You love betting on football with your friends
  • You feel that you can predict the right outcome of a match
  • You want to experience football

It won’t take you much time in choosing and placing a bet because you can do it on your computer or mobile. And you can bet on any team, player, match and tournament.

For sports betting in Singapore, you need a gambling account that you can open with any casino site. The site will even credit bonus to your account. But you the bonus won’t be available for betting.

For esports betting sites in Singapore, you will need spending money from your pocket. But you can win bets with tips and make more dollars. With football gambling, you can have the real pleasure of soccer.





As I told in the beginning that it is going to be surprising, you should be ready to get punches of entertainment. If getting tens and hundreds of dollars in bonus isn’t sufficient, you would be bombarded with a number of casino games to play.

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