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Why are gambling games more enjoying than other online games?

You will enjoy gambling games more than Internet games. For example, playing online slots is more enjoying than action activities including PUBG. And the biggest attraction of betting is real money.

When you play PUBG, you know that it is only a role play and there is nothing to lose but you can’t be careless in betting where you fear losing your sum. Also, you can play live casino with the comfort of your home.

Let’s discuss the factors that make online casino activities more entertaining than traditional Internet games

1. Freshness

Whether you play with slots or poker, you would never feel monotonous. You will have to start the act fresh. For example, take poker. It starts with dealing of cards and there are no chances of yours getting same set of cards again and again. Also, you need to change your strategy according to the set of cards. But it can’t be said about Internet games that become monotonous after some time.

2. Involvement

You will agree that most Internet activities are more physical in nature than mental. When you play PUBG, you are more alert from physical assault but in poker, you have to look for pairs. Similarly, you need making a winning number in baccarat and blackjack. In roulette, you need anticipating the winning number. So, it can be said that casino activities require physical as well as mental involvement.


Internet games are zero-risk activities. They have different levels and trophies for those levels but no monetary gain. They involve role plays but the players feel no-risk. But casino requires real money that is a risk. You will have to be a winner in order to save your investment. Risk of losing your sum would keep you on your toes. You will do everything you can to win casino activities.

4. Skills

In gambling, you have to develop your skills. You simply can’t follow others or try random tips. You have to learn the game become its master. But some activities are totally dependent on external factors you can call luck. These factors work in slots and roulette. You can’t anticipate pay lines on slots and nor could you predict the winning number in roulette. But Internet games are predictable. Also, it is easier to develop specific skills for playing Internet activities.

5. Community

When you join a casino site, you actually join a community of gamblers. It isn’t that Internet gamers have no community but that a gambling community is more intact than any other group. Once you are a member of a gambling group, you can start socializing with the group members. Here you can say that socializing with like minded gamblers is a hidden advantage of gambling.

6. Winner

Winning casino games give the real feeling of a winner. When you win slots or poker, you get profit that is like a reward for winning. But there is no such reward on winning regular Internet activities. The only reward Internet activities offer is score.

Myths about gambling

1. It is habit forming

Everything that you like most could be habit forming. For example, if you like sweets, you can develop a sweet tooth. Similarly, you are likely to develop a habit for playing a certain type of Internet game. So, it won’t be justified to say that only gambling is habit forming.

2. It results in monetary losses

Yes, you could incur huge monetary losses in betting but it depends on your habit. In Internet activities, you will lose time. There are many instances to prove that people especially children waste plenty of time they can use in productive activities. But if you see at the brighter side of casino, you will find it profitable. If you win, you will get plenty of dollars.

3. It is illegal

No, it isn’t. Gambling has been made legal by developed countries. Also, many developing countries recognize betting as an industry. There is no truth in this myth. The profit earned in gambling is taxable. You will get the profit after tax deductions.

4. Casinos are cheaters

It is difficult to beat casinos but they aren’t cheaters. Online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG) to choose winners. It is software. And the casinos have to pass strict quality tests every year in order to prove their reliability. You can check reliability of an online casino before accepting its membership.

5. Online casinos work for profit

Yes, it is true. A casino site is like a regular legitimate business and like others, it also works for generating profit. But a casino site gets a certain amount in commission. It earns commission and you are free check the profit of an online casino from its policies.

6. Casino sites force to play more

Like any other business, casino websites also pursue their members to play more and there is nothing wrong in this. But you are always free to quit anytime. For example, you can quit even after accepting membership of a casino site. You won’t have to pay anything for membership.

7. Casino sites hide the truth about their service

No, it isn’t. They tell the truth that is available in their terms and conditions and privacy policies. As a responsible gambler, it is for you to go through the policies before accepting the membership. If you need more clarification from the casino, you can approach its customer care service for help.

Do more in casino sites

In addition to enjoy casino games, you can play 4D lottery and do sports betting Singapore using your gambling account. Lottery and betting are added advantages of casino websites. For lottery, you can buy your lucky ticket and see live telecast of result. For betting, you can buy tips to win soccer bets.

If you want, you can do deep comparison of gambling games with regular Internet activities to know why casinos are more popular. Finally, you can join an online casino and play for free with the help of bonus that could be in hundreds of dollars.



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As I told in the beginning that it is going to be surprising, you should be ready to get punches of entertainment. If getting tens and hundreds of dollars in bonus isn’t sufficient, you would be bombarded with a number of casino games to play.

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