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Why Vastu Shastra is Important for your Home?

Our body is made of five elements. These five elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, or Sky. Vastu Shastra combines these five elements of nature and balances with human and material. Therefore, the whole process Vastu-Shastra is beneficial. Also, it is very important to choose right vastu consultant who can give you a proper guidance.

Following the Vastu Shastra you will get benefits like

•    Expanding Earning Potential

•    Career growth

•    Improving Studies

•    Enhancing Marital Bliss

•    Good Health

•    Relief from Tensions and Anxieties

Vastu for Home

Home is an essential place as all our day to day activities starts with it and ends with it. A proper house to live in is vital. Vastu consultation for home is necessary as a well-balanced environment within the house generates a positive flow of energy in the house. Every part of the house, whether it is bedroom, dining room, storeroom, pooja room, guest room, Bathroom, door placements, windows position, etc. Vastu plays an important role.

Vastu for Business

Vastu consultation for factory is important for success in business, improving workers or employees morale, boosting confidence, customer satisfaction and overall growth of business. It provides increased turnover, more production, harmony among employees, For site selection, entrance gates, machinery, constructions or anything related to factory, vastu is important to attract positive energy.  Any difficulty related to production, employee, suppliers or anything could be solved with some vastu shastra.

Vastu helps in building positive energy in houses without demolition to get peace, happiness & prosperity.You can also do some vastu course which will give you a basic knowledge of things to do, and you can make a vastu compliant business or home on your own.

Directions play an important role in ‘Vastu’

It is very important to decide the right directions before building a structure of the house. It is very important to choose right Vastu Consultant. There is an instrument called ‘compass’ through which directions could be checked. Compass has a total of 360.with its rad. There are 4 principle directions ie. East, West, North, and South.

North Facing House Significance

North direction always comes in up position.Before starting construction, the first thing is to figure out North direction in the given site. This direction is considered as most suitable amongst all four.

It is believed that the house that faces north direction brings peace and prosperity to the whole structure.

The energies which come from the North pole are very important so that big entrances should be designed accordingly.

The best-constructed north houses bring leadership power of the women in the family.

The wind which comes from the north direction is called ‘withering air’ that brings fresh and cold breeze.

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