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Why you should repair your iPhone in

A good technical iPhone repair Irvine service by a specialist in iPhone is the key to repair almost all the problems that these devices may have.

The iPhone's front screen consists of a digitizer glass screen and an LCD linked together. Due to the fragility of these components, an unexpected impact may break the glass or the touch screen may have stopped working. After a fall, remain completely black, present pixel errors, cracked, scratched or chipped glass. It can also be scratched if you carry it in your bag next to the keys or if it is rubbed against a rough surface.

In, we offer comprehensive iPhone repair Newport beach services. We repair both the glass screen and the LCD of your device leaving it fully functional without distortions or broken pixels.

Has your iPhone got wet?

If your iPhone has got wet, bring it as soon as possible to! Liquid damage does not always appear immediately but can manifest itself after a certain time. 

So taking action immediately is essential to prevent your iPhone from being unrecoverable. Drying the device, turning it off and removing the battery can increase the chances that it can be repaired. But in all cases, it is important that your iPhone is checked by a technician who can repair the water damage in a professional manner.

Why iPhone repair Santa ana is the best?

It is easy: At, we repair with a warranty, with high-quality parts, and also, with the adjusted times. We know how important your mobile phone is for you. That's why we lend you mobile if you need it while we take care of repairing yours. Contact us for the iPhone repair Costa Mesa.

In our technical service, we have experience with broken screens, problems with the buttons, coverage, Wi-Fi connectivity and also with software.

Come and ask any questions, iPhone professionals can advise you, recommend the case that best suits you. Also put on a tempered glass protector, in our stores, you will find the best options to protect your iPhone.

Express Repair:

Repair your iPhone in Newport Beach or Irvine, ​​without waiting in less than 1 hour, and without an appointment.

Come directly to our technical service, or call us. Normally we have all the spare parts in stock for iPhones, since it is a terminal that is repaired daily.

In the facilities of our technical service, ​​we have the necessary tools to repair your iPhone in a professional manner. On many occasions when you suffer a strong blow, the screen is usually broken, stopping working. But apart from breaking the screen, our technicians must straighten the aluminum frame of the different iPhone models, it is not only to replace the broken screen, in addition, But The side frame must also be repaired.







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