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Why You Should Run a VIN Check Before Buying a Car

Buying a brand new car or a pre-owned one always gives a next level excitement when your wish list gets checked. However, a car is something that you do not change frequently, thus you must pay extra attention to the specification before buying. 

First, you decide the type you want - SUV, hatchback, sedan, or whatever, second, you look for the specifications. There may be chances that you do not get detailed information about the car by the dealer or seller.  If you are looking for it, then consider getting car specifications by VIN.

VIN is a well-known unique number of a car, suppose a DNA of your car, which carries its true identity. Its a 17 digit number that does not match with any other vehicle's VIN across the globe. The information inside the VIN is secretly ingrained, using digits and alphabets. 

Understanding the Importance of VIN 

Any vehicle when manufactured and dispatched for selling contains a VIN. The vehicle identification Number has some of the basic information about the car which every buyer must learn. Let’s break down these 17digits and alphabets to better understand the information hidden within VIN.

Car Specifications in VIN

1. The 1st letter means where the company or the brand of the car is originated.
2. The 2nd & 3rd denotes the manufacturer & the division of the car made.
3. The 4th to 8th characters share the entire vehicle description, type of parts used, safety airbags & seatbelts used, and type of engine used in the car. 4. The 9th Number depicts the manufacturer's security code.
5. The 10th is the model year of the vehicle.
6. The 11th denotes the assembly plant identifier.
7. From 12th to 17th characters, you can learn the plant sequence or the serial number of the vehicle.

Importance of VIN for Knowing About Your Car

All of this information is stored within the government agencies or the insurance companies for accidental insurance. However, to know more about the car specification by VIN, you can consider free VIN encoding websites.

Even when you buy a pre-owned/used car, you will be able to know additional details from the VIN. Other than the general information, VIN gives you the number of accidents and damage that occurred in history. Car modifications like the engine or interior change can also be checked. 

Above all, you can know the stolen status of the vehicle. So, if something feels fishy with the seller, you can simply decode VIN and know for yourself. This way you will be saved from buying a stolen car from frauds.

Platform to Decode VIN

NICB lets you encode VIN for free, other reliable and secure VIN decoders are - CLearVIN, VINsmart, and VINaudit. The website allows a maximum of 5 searches within 24 hours per IP address.

What else do you get from a VIN Decoding?

Did you know that Odometer fraud is also common? Some savvy thieves hide the actual mileage of the car by rolling the odometer back. Otherwise, when picking up a car, you can depict the mileage through VIN. 

Knowing from car specifications by VIN, you can also check any safety recalls made on a car. VIN specification database can easily share the recalls stored, whether the recall has been repaired or not can also figure out. Through VIN, you can evaluate the peculiarity in the safety features of the car if any can ask the dealer to get the problem amended.

In the Nutshell -

Whether buying fresh from the store or buying a pre-owned one, the car must be investigated carefully before investing. Knowing car specifications by VIN is the easiest way to know the deepest and the historical information about the vehicle. So, keep yourself safe from the fraudulent and enjoy your car with authentic features and safety measures.


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Steve Luise

Steve is a Risk Management Consultant/Content writer at Sticker Lookup. He has 5 years of experience in Auto industry and love to write on this.

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