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Religion & Faith

The Fundamental Beliefs of Islam

Each religion has a few fundamentals that set out the system of that specific religion. The followers then guarantee that the fundamentals are kept up and saw on consistent premise to guarantee that t

Why is Islam a complete way of life?

People like Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Hegel and Karl Marx viewed man from various angles. In their search for understanding human nature, some concentrated on the body and its form and shape. So

Fundamentals of Islam

Islam is an Arabic word that means complete submission to the will of Allah. In boarder concept it implies that Muslim should submit all his or her wishes and aspirations to the Allah and obey and con

The five Pillers of Islam

The fundamentals of Islam are the five strongest pillars or acts which are considered mandatory for the Muslims throughout the world. They are considered the most important acts to be practiced by the

The Role and Position of women in Islam

Islam is the first religion that focuses and assures the rights of women. It pays greater importance to the women and their role in family and wider society. The western media is gravely depicting the

Vivid Description of Jesus in Islam

Islam pays utmost respect and honor to the entire prophets that are mentioned in the Quran. It is said and firmly believed among Muslims that Allah sent prophets time to time to guide the mankind and

Sam Gray of Boulder, CO - Man of Faith

There is no denying the work ethic of Sam Gray of Boulder, CO. He is a dedication and passionate young businessman, volunteer and man of faith. Gray is a perfect example of a man with a heart, educati