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Anuradha Sapra: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

A good education has the power to change a life. It is also the Backbone of a Nation. One in five adults lack the written communication skills they need to progress in life. India invested merely 3.8% of our GDP on education in 2015-16, which was lower than the previous year. There was a demand that the ideal investment should shoot up to 6% in the future. Our country needs a system where youth can explore their potential for the good of the society. For this to happen, we require a holistic educational policy and infrastructure. This was one of the reasons behind the birth of Academies. Today, Academies have become as important and necessary as schools. One will hardly ever see a child taking up something without the help of training. In the field of education training classes are a trend in India.
While there are many giant soft skills development companies but only few cater the dynamic needs of this industry. RISE Global Academy is a leading soft skills development academy which is highly acknowledged in walking the talk with its customers in providing end-to-end training solutions. RISE helps one to pursue training in Personality Development, Communications Skills, French Classes, Spoken English, PTE, TOEFL & IELTS Coaching, Voice & Accent Training, GRE/GMAT, Professional Grooming, Leadership Skills, Sales & Marketing training and other Corporate Trainings. The breadth and depth of RISE trainings makes RISE a training academy with a difference trying to add value in lives of the people by truly enhancing their skills.
Talking about the journey of RISE, Director & Managing Partner, Anuradha Sapra says, “When going for new hires, employers aren’t just looking for candidates with the domain knowledge but are also looking for those who have good communication skills, positive attitude and smart analytical ability. Hard skills enable a person to get a job but soft skills nurture ‘Friendship, Success & Happiness’ and assists in creating a good working environment. I felt the need to work on these attributes to help people create the differentiation in their aura of influence. There was this one business concept of making people ‘Live their dreams’ by helping them to improve and prepare for their dream jobs, promotions and better college admissions. This thought stayed with me and I had completely fallen in love with this idea to create a difference in the society. I was extremely passionate about what I wanted to do and did everything possible to turn my vision into a service to be able to create a sustainable difference in people’s life.”
The core faculty members at RISE are domain experts besides being leading corporate professionals with rich industry experience. They regularly share their industry insights and encourage trainees to look beyond books and explore the subject through experiential learning. RISE assists the individuals & organization’s talent to realise their untapped potential and ensure collective success. Along with developing their overall personality, they also enhance their career prospects. RISE endeavours to sow the seeds for sustainable development in people by integrating the four factors of growth viz. ‘Rebuild, Innovate, Strengthen & Energize.
The participants in RISE Personality Development Programmes range from CEOs/CFOs/Country Heads, Middle Management Executives to young MBAs, Engineers, CAs, Doctors & Lawyers. We also have programs for people who are struggling at the bottom of the pyramid which endeavours to help them enhance their skills and enrich their working environment and grow professionally.
The programmes for very senior professionals are delivered through customized and appointment based one-to-one programmes addressing specific needs. Whether you want to study abroad or migrate abroad, RISE provides end-to-end one-stop solution to your education, career and immigration counselling needs. RISE has provided numerous corporate trainings to organizations such as Gurgaon Metro Rail, Indian Army, Taj Vivanta, Multinational Corporations, Industrial Units, and Central & State Govt organizations. RISE provides Corporate Trainings, Personal Barnding at the client premises as well as at RISE training facility.
Capacitating its custom in-house workshops & training programs as core pillars, the company focuses directly on the business objective & area of improvement through its development cycle of ‘Analyse, Design, Develop & Evaluate’ and sights to provide an end-to-end support. Anuradha Sapra adds, “We revolutionize the way learning is provided, through our unique methodology which is highly customized. Our solutions are innovative and highly interactive through experiential and activity based learning.”
The route to entrepreneurship itself is difficult. Being a woman entrepreneur can become more challenging if one is not strong willed and courageous. Anuradha believes that conquering the impossible builds our destiny. She feels, it’s important to condition your mind to constantly think out of the box which helps to move beyond your potential and keeps you optimistic. “I have always strived to create new possibilities and it’s an ongoing process. This helps me to develop and create new systems, processes and ways of doing things at work or home,” she says.
Business role models can inspire and show you the way through your own business. For Anuradha, it was her grandmother who was her mentor. She asserts, “My grandmother created an immense bond in the family. She changed herself with time and constantly reinvented the ways of dealing with people. Apart from being an avid reader, she participated in all kinds of healthy discussions and always loved learning new things.”
There are many different types of business risk. They can be both internal and external. They can also directly or indirectly affect your business's ability to operate. The types of risk you face are specific to your business and its objectives. The greatest risk Anuradha took was of moving out of her comfort zone of doing the usual consultancy work and opening a lot many fronts - be it Soft Skills training, Academy with standardized tests, settling abroad solutions or education aboard.
Running a business can be fun and exciting but it can also be full of stress. Losing a customer, failing to win a pitch, a key employee leaving - these things can all set you back. The most important thing in such a scenario is to take action in the face of disappointment. Anuradha reveals, “Business brings many surprises and disappointments and at the end evolves you to become wiser, patient and empathetic. The low moments have given me experience to have stronger determination to move and look forward. The high moments have rushed adrenalin in me to think beyond my potential.” I also feel that those moments have helped me to build goal based resolutions and grit in achieve them.”
Anuradha says that she used to dream of being a transformational leader. “Every time I found one thing in common in such leaders, the people who made a difference had strong resolve to constantly serve and think of benefiting masses and solving society problems,” she reveals.
Her final take on her company is that “ RISE is an organization which believes in business with a purpose, and as it strives to bring growth, happiness, empathy and enrichment in lives of people it meets her personal objective of a creating a business enterprise which is socially responsible and commercially successful. IELTS Centre



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