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Reason Behind The Popularity Of Chicago Cubs

What is the reason behind the popularity of the Chicago Cubs even though Chicago consist of two baseball teams. Read to find out.


  1. Longevity - The Chicago National League Baseball Club was founding in 1876 with the creation of the league. That give them 25 years to develop a fan base before the White Sox played their first game in 1901 with the creations of the American League.


  1. Quality - As much as people joked about the fact the Cubs hadn’t won a World Series in 108 years, the Cubs actually won 16 National League pennants. People follow a winner and in the earlier days of baseball, the Cubs were that.


  1. Scandal - The 1919 White Sox almost killed baseball. It was drastic measures from the owners and the breakout offensive season of some guy named Ruth basically saved baseball.


  1. Atmosphere - Wrigley field has been the home of the Cubs for over 100 years. Going to Wrigley is an experience, not just a game. Why do you think a lot of the newer ballparks have tried the recreate the atmosphere experienced in Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium. Also, Wrigley Field isn’t off in its own industrial style complex, it’s in the middle of northern Chicago.


This is why the fans wear the Jason Heyward jerseys or any of their favorite player's apparel to show their support for the team.

It is really fun to watch the game of Javier Baez after Sammy Sosa. Sammy, though, doesn’t hold a candle to Baez for excitement.


Baez is electric in the field, at-bat, and supercharged on the bases due to which many people wear Javier Baez jerseys to the game. Any other player that might have 4 steals of home in his young career, including one in a World Series game.


Most of those steals came to tie or take the lead. He has also got that swim move down, where he offers the close arm for a tag, then pulls that arm back whilst curving his body and reaching around the glove to reach the base/plate.


Baez is starting to live up to his hitting potential as he has become more patient at the plate. This brings more pitches into the strike zone which is dangerous for the pitcher. He is hitting for average, with power, and driving in runs as well as scoring runs.


Baez gets heaps of praise for tagging quickly, a skill he learned as a young lad. He is super quick with the double play whether starting it or in the middle.


He is by far the most exciting Cub of all time defensively. Anthony Rizzo is another great player of the Chicago Cubs which is why many of his fans come to the game wearing Anthony Rizzo shirts.


So, no matter where he is, he creates magic. That’s why he is called, “El Mago”. He is on my team, the Cubs, so I get to watch him a lot.




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