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The Best Doctor For Epilepsy In Mumbai

Epilepsy or unprovoked recurrent seizures are seizures that occur recurrently or the body has had no control over them. But what are seizures then?

A seizure means the complete or partial stoppage of the brain. This means your brain stops getting or generating neurological signals for some parts or of the complete brain. Now that sounds scary Right?

You may be thinking about what leads to it and for how long??

Well, epilepsy being a neurological disorder is mostly because of the following reasons:

  • High fever
  • Head trauma
  • Low Blood sugar
  • Alcohol

Those are pretty common reasons and most people have one of those, hence Epilepsy is also a common disorder and around 65 million people all around the world are affected by it.

Now speaking about how long it affects your brain, it may last from few seconds to a couple of minutes. After the attack, you may end up having no memory of it.

Another interesting fact about Epilepsy is that there is no cure for it. But with proper medication and expert medical supervision, we can minimize its frequency and its impact too.

In Mumbai, Dr Siddharth kharkar is the one who can help you with his long experience in neurological disorders and with his idea of giving personal time to his patients and listen to their problems and experiences with Epilepsy.

All my clients from India and especially from Mumbai have one thing in common that their doctors don’t devote enough time to them and this leads to improper understanding of their case and hence unsatisfied results. While in the USA, since there is no shortage of doctors, personal time to each patient and engagement is part of the medical process.

In Epilepsy, just like any other disorder/disease, you can prevent it from occurring or control its impact with proper and expert medication. Dr Kharkar has even written a guidebook on epilepsy control, Do check it out to have a more detailed understanding of DO’s and Dont’s, Prevention measures and early medication to go for in case of concurrent epilepsy attacks.

About Dr Kharkar

He is a board-certified (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology certified) Neurologist. He is an Epilepsy specialist & Parkinson's specialist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He has trained in the best institutions in India, the US and the UK including KEM hospital in Mumbai, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), USA & Kings College in London.

Caution: This information is not a substitute for professional care. Do not change your medications/treatment without your doctor's permission.


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Dr. Kharkar

Dr. Siddharth Kharkar is one of the best neurologist doctor in Mumbai. He is specializes in treating epilepsy. To consult the doctor visit the website: .

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