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What Is The Best Family Churches In Houston?

Since you have transferred in Houston and seeking the best Family Churches in Houston, you must consider the following list to choose the one near to you.

1. The Light House Church in Houston

The Light House is one of the best Family Churches in Houston. It started his ministry in 2009 by Pastor Keion Henderson. When he joined, there were only 100 members; however, now these have grown to 7500 members. You will find massive crowds attend weekly services every time. Keion Henderson Sermons emphasis on changing the mind of members or community with his words. He explains the truth of God. By listening to his sermons, the memories of listeners start turning towards the positive vibes. He offers fair and right speeches. His words turn the minds of members or families towards the reality of God. Concisely, he is blessed with fascinating and proactive personality which turns the community attracts towards him. Keion Henderson is immensely equipped with people Leadership Skills as well.

2. Houston’s First Baptist Church

Houston’s First Baptist Church is the prominent church in Houston as it offers people or families to learn about the Lord as it offers Bible studies beginning with easy research, songs, and stories. It trusts in welcoming families through its specially designed program known as Thru the Roof that assists children and families with special needs.

3. The Vineyard Church

The Vineyard Church was established in 1975 by a group of students from the University of Houston. It embraces diversity and concentrates on building a community that all the generations and cultures are authentic and must interact with Jesus Christ. It also trusts in gathering and influencing a children’s community to teach them about God in an appropriate manner.

4. First Presbyterian

The First Presbyterian is one of the Humble Churches in Houston assisting parents and kids in growing in a positive and faith environment. The different programs are designed for children to develop a deep and long-lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. It offers devotees and families to encourage to study, pray, and worship for spiritual growth and development.

5. Houston Mennonite Church

If you need a church in Houston to find vibrant worship, you must prefer to move towards Houston Mennonite Church as it is a small and friendly church that considering the progressive faith community.

If you want to go to listen to Keion Henderson Sermons, you must find The Light House Church in Houston. You can contact it through its official website, i.e.


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